Establishment of the Hellenic Business Association in North Macedonia


The first Association of Greek Enterprises in North Macedonia was founded in Skopje on 25 June.

The founding members of the Association are 16 major Greek companies in North Macedonia.

The purpose of the Greek Business Association is to protect and promote the financial and professional interests of its members, as well as the development of relations between the business community of Greece and North Macedonia.

Aris Vlachos was elected President of the Greek Business Association in North Macedonia, while participate in the administrative council representatives of Stopanska Banka (the largest bank in North Macedonia, a member of the National Bank of Greece group), of the company that deals with electricity trade EDS (member of the PPC group ), the USJE cement industry (interests of the TITAN group) and the construction company INTRAKAT.

“We aspire to become a bridge of communication between the companies of the two countries and to defend the interests of Greek companies in Northern Macedonia. Our cooperation with the bodies of the two countries will be one of the immediate priorities of the Union, “said Aris Vlachos.