Goran Sladic – New general manager of Pivara Skopje

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From September 1, 2020Goran Sladic has been performing the function of General Manager of Pivara Skopje. He succeeds Dan Timotin on this position, who has been promoted to the position of General Manager of Coca-Cola HBC Czech Republic and Slovakia.

Goran Sladic, the new General Manager of Pivara Skopje, is an experienced manager who started his career in Coca-Cola HBC in Croatia in 2003. His last held position was in Coca-Cola HBC operation in Nigeria, as a National Sales Director, where he started in 2017. In his tenure in Nigeria, the company reached record sales performance while launching multiple innovative solutions to upgrade sales capabilities. Under his strong dedication to people development he left a strong team in which several company talents were developed and promoted. Before taking over the sales job in Nigeria, Sladic was in charge of Premium Spirits division for Coca-Cola HBC in South East Europe.

“Becoming a head of the team of Pivara Skopje is the new great challenge for me, which gives me a lot of energy and inspires me to start a new development chapter. I can guarantee that I’ll be committed to supporting and accelerating the strong continuity agenda of what Pivara Skopje as a company has invested so far and has worked hard to be accomplished. The continuity agenda will be based on three major pillars. The first one is the strong tradition of Pivara Skopje, the second one is the focus on innovation and  building customer and consumer confidence in the unique values and capabilities of our brands, and the third one is our absolute commitment to people and talent development”, stated Goran Sladic right after assuming the position.

The outstanding results achieved by Goran Sladic, while performing various leadership positions in the Coca-Cola HBC system, supplemented by his expertise, dedication and ability to motivate all members of the team to give their maximum, are a guarantee that under his leadership Pivara Skopje will continue with sustainable development, strengthening the market positions and the high level of consumer confidence and satisfaction, as well as with the implementation of numerous socially responsible projects of significance to the community.

Skopje Brewery has been present on the domestic market of beer and soft drinks for 98 years. The company is part of the systems of Coca-Cola HBC and HEINEKEN N.V.

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