OKTA: Donation of laptops and protective face masks to support the educational process in the Municipality of Ilinden

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OKTA donated 30 laptops and 10.000 protective face masks in order to assist the uninterrupted education in the primary schools within the territory of Municipality of Ilinden. Considering the circumstances under which the school year 2020-2021 will take place, the company as a long-standing member of the local community, decided to support municipality’s efforts for efficient and successful organization of the educational process during COVID-19 pandemic.

„Education is of significant importance for every country, regardless of the circumstances and challenges we all face at this period. Therefore, even in this new reality, the educational process must continue uninterrupted and in an appropriate manner. OKTA as a socially responsible company is a strong supporter of the educational development of the young generations in the country. This donation is an evidence of our sincere commitment for a better educational process, while at the same time confirms our support to the local community, in which we have been operating for 42 years. I believe that this initiative will help the primary schools in the Municipality of Ilinden to effectively respond to the challenge in the new school year“, said Vuk Radovic, Chief Executive Officer of OKTA.

The Municipality of Ilinden is ready for the school year’s start, in large extent thanks to the significant support of the business community.

“The Municipality of Ilinden and OKTA have established continuous and close cooperation in different areas including education, culture and environmental protection. Together we have implemented numerous projects that improved the quality of life for our citizens. This specific donation will enable the safe teaching for the students who will be physically present at the schools and on the other hand will offer excellent working conditions for the students from the higher grades who will follow the lessons from their homes”, said Zhika Stojanovski, the Mayor of the Municipality of Ilinden.

There are three central and five regional primary schools under the jurisdiction of Ilinden Municipality, attended by around 2.000 students.

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