Ten big companies submit bids for Chebren project

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Ten major world companies in the field of energy and construction have submitted bids in the pre-qualification phase for the project “Cebren”, ie a concession for the use of water for electricity production from hydro-power plants on the Black River, said the Government of North Macedonia.

A commission, formed by the Government, in the coming period will evaluate whether the received applications meet the requirements of the tender documentation. The qualified bidders will be invited in the second phase, in which they will be able to submit complete bids for the project and for their participation in a public-private partnership with “Power Plants of North Macedonia”(ESM) for the construction of this capital energy facility.

The commission in charge of the tender for Cebren today opened the received bids for qualification and determined that 10 companies have applied:

Consortium PPC-Archirodon (Greece), consortium Enka-Colin (Turkey), EDF (France), consortium Cobra-Cobra Hidraulika (Spain), consortium Evn – Verbund (Austria), Webuild Spa Italia (Italy), Gezhouba Group (China), Power Construction Corporation (China), consortium Ozaltin Yapi Merkezi (Turkey), and consortium Eiffage – Waterlu-Andritz-Norconsult (France-Austria)

The Government of North Macedonia, through ESM, will hire a transaction advisor who should prepare the tender documentation for the second phase, in order to successfully implement the project.

HPP Cebren is planned to be realized on the principle of public-private partnership, so that ESM will be the public partner in this project, whose investment value will be at least 500 million euros.

The hydro-power plant will have an installed capacity of 333-458 MW, for an annual production of 1000-1200 GWh of electricity (ESM now produces a total of about 4000 GWh per year) and with an annual savings of 913,000 tons of CO2.

Hellenic Business Association