“Vero” starts a humanitarian donation campaign for the children from the SOS Children’s Village

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On the eve of the new school year, “Vero” starts a humanitarian donation campaign for the children from the SOS Children’s Village to enable a successful start of the school year. All consumers in Vero markets and Jumbo stores can join the action and help children from this vulnerable category, providing conditions for better education.

By purchasing specially marked products from the school program at the Vero markets and Jumbo stores, the consumers donate money to the SOS Children’s Village fund. They donate 30 denars for each purchased school backpack, 10 denars for a school kit, while for each purchased pencil, pen, notebook, or coloring book, consumers donate 1 denar. All funds raised in this action, which will last until October 15, will be used for the educational needs of the children in the SOS Children’s Village.

– This school year starts in specific conditions which are a great challenge. But even in such specific conditions, “Vero” doesn’t forget those who need our help the most, children without parental care. Education is the most important chain link for the children’s development and that is why we want to provide all children with equal conditions to get a better quality education. Although the crisis has affected all business sectors and harms the overall business climate, „Vero“ as a socially responsible company decided to start this humanitarian action and with the help of our customers to show children without parental care that they are not left alone. This is not the first donor action organized by “Vero”, and certainly will not be the last, because as a company we are always ready to meet the needs of the most vulnerable citizen categories in the country – says Petar Denkovski, General Manager of “Vero”.

Citizens who like to be a part of this donation campaign should look for the marked products from the school program in any Vero market or Jumbo store. The Vero management hopes that the humanitarian action will be extremely successful and will raise enough money that will contribute at least a little for better education and a successful start of the school year for the children from the SOS Children’s Village.

People from the SOS Children’s Village welcomes the humanitarian action of “Vero” and emphasizes its great significance for the children cared in this organization.

– We are grateful that even in this time of crisis, when almost all companies are facing difficulties, “Vero” shows its greatness and doesn’t forget the children supported by SOS Children’s Village. Their humanitarian action will enable us to provide better conditions for the education of these children, and thus a better future. We hope that Vero’s example will be an incentive for other companies to organize humanitarian actions – says Juliana Gapo,  SOS Children’s Village national director.

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