For sixth consecutive year, OKTA awarded scholarships to UKIM postgraduates

Within the framework of the “New Generation” program, OKTA has awarded scholarships to students in the second cycle of studies, in the academic year 2022/2023, for the faculties that are part of the state University “St. Cyril and Methodius” in Skopje. The scholarship beneficiaries were selected by a committee composed of representatives of the company and the respective faculties. Scholarships were awarded to one postgraduate from the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and one from the Faculty of Technology and Metallurgy. The scholarship beneficiaries had the opportunity to visit the company’s headquarters, during which they met the Chief Executive Officer, Vuk Radovic.

“We are happy that our cooperation with UKIM and the support of the postgraduates has grown into a successful tradition. As a result of this program, the main benefit is for the students, but also for the society, receiving profoundly educated professionals, who will be able to contribute to the development of the community. Additionally, the scholarship beneficiaries will have the opportunity to be part of the Internship Program of our company, where they will acquire practical knowledge under the mentorship of experienced professionals. We are really proud because we are part of a process of creating a new generation of highly educated personnel who are our future”, said the Chief Executive Officer of OKTA, Vuk Radovic at the meeting with this year’s scholarship holders.

For several years now, OKTA continuously implements the “New Generation” program, which aims to support the educational process in the country and help young talented and ambitious people upgrade their educational and professional development. So far, as part of the program, about 40 postgraduates have received scholarships for the faculties at UKIM that have curricula related to the company’s activities.

“I believe that I express the feeling of all my fellow scholarship beneficiaries, that we are happy to have received the support of a company such as OKTA. This support not only facilitates our further education, but it also means an obligation to be as successful as possible in our studies, which I believe we will justify”, said one of the postgraduates at the official meeting in the company’s premises.

In addition to the scholarship support provided to the students for the second cycle of studies at UKIM, in the past years, OKTA has also awarded scholarships to seven postgraduates at the Universities of Piraeus and Crete. Furthermore, through its internship program, over 100 interns have participated in the day-to-day operations of the company so far.