10 users from „For You“ will learn how to drive safely through „I watch out“ OKTA’s CSR platform 


Skopjе, 12.01.2023- Ten users, members of the Association “For You” (“4U”) will acquire driving license through donation from OKTA AD – Skopje, that will improve their professional skills and increase their opportunities for employment. The young people who will use the funds provided by the company for this purpose are adults, who grew up in SOS Children’s Village or in the orphans’ home “11th October”. The donation will cover all the costs intended for training, health examinations and all the exams related to obtaining a driving license.

“Supporting people, especially youngsters, with social risk is our long-term commitment. We, as a socially responsible company, are glad to have the opportunity to provide our help to these young people who are taking the first steps in their independent lives. Acquiring driving license will advance their individual and professional development, aligning them with the rest of their peers, making them more competitive in the labor market. We believe that the entire process of education and training will contribute to making them responsible participants in the traffic and spreading the good traffic culture for safer roads.” said the Chief Executive Officer of OKTA, Vuk Radovic, at the donation event.
The association “4U” provides help and support for young people at social risk in the employment process, in finding temporary accommodation, but also in furnishing their homes, providing food, means of hygiene and other needs in their everyday life.

“The support from individuals, organizations, smaller and larger companies show each of our proteges that they are not left alone in life. This message, which is the most important, is also sent by OKTA today. Their donation is not only noble, but also comes at the right time for the right young people, for whom the opportunity to obtain a driving license is truly precious. I believe that each of them will remember this action of the company that has more than once shown its concern for vulnerable groups, and especially for children and young people at social risk”, said the president of “4U” Association, Cece Nikolovska, who is a former protege of SOS Children’s Village.

This donation is part of OKTA’s platform for raising awareness for better traffic safety “I Watch out”, which the company has been actively implementing for five years in a row. As part of the platform, the following activities have been carried out so far – donation of educational traffic polygons in primary schools across the country, training of children and production of educational content for them, donation of reflective pendants for greater safety in traffic to all first-graders in Skopje, production and broadcast of educational video materials about the most common causes of traffic accidents, donation of push buttons for regulating the work of the traffic lights on several boulevards in Skopje and 50 sound signalization devices at pedestrian crossings in the capital intended for visually impaired people.

In 2017, the platform “I Watch out” was declared the best national socially responsible practice.